Selling Minneapolis St. Paul Homes


Sell You Home Action Plan ~ A Pro-active Approach

  1. Pre-view your home to work with you to competitively price your home to generate the utmost in buyer experience.
  2. Suggest and advise changes to make to your property more attractive to potential buyers, because the way we live in a house and the way we sell a house are not the same. Recommend professional stager to work with you in getting your home ready to sell (if needed) to increase buyers appeal.
  3. Have your home professionally photographed with high definition virtual tour with you a you tube video.
  4. Submit your home to our local multiple listing service (MLS).
  5. Re-targeting of your home to achieve maximum exposure throughout the internet.
  6. Provide maximum global internet exposure by posting your home and virtual tour on over 150 web based properties.
  7. Automated follow-up with all Real Estate Professionals who have shown your home to get prompt feedback and response (via Showing Value thru the Supra key management system)
  8. Represent you on all offers to assure negotiation is in your best interest with the best possible price and terms.
  9. Handle all the follow-up upon a contract being accepted including all mortgage, title and other closing procedures.

ShowCasing Your Home

Think of your home as a product or service. You need to “package” it attractively to create demand for it. Here are some fast, inexpensive changes that show

The exterior

Wash all windows inside and out and keep crystal clear at all times.

Yard Keep your lawn neat and well trimmed with well-proportioned shrubs. Consider replanting flowers or creating a flower bed to enhance the appearance of your yard. If it is the fall, make sure the lawn is raked at all times. In the wintertime, if applicable, clear snow from your driveways and walkways.

Front Door Make sure your door is tight on its hinges! Furthermore, the door should be neat and clean. Paint it if it needs it. If the door is in poor shape, consider replacing it. Finally, a holiday ornament on the door, like a wreath, adds a nice touch. Consider adding a “Welcome” mat.

Home Exterior Check for flat-fitting roof shingles, straight lines on gutters, shutters, windows and siding; solid caulking around roof and seams. Apply fresh paint where it needs it. Also, make sure the windows are crystal clear; potential buyers often peer through the windows.

Spare Room If possible, make the spare room look like a living area. Clear out as much as possible (consider moving it into storage). If you have an extra sofa or loveseat and coffee table, consider creating a living area.

The Interior

Lights on whenever you have potential buyers in the home, make sure to turn on ALL lights. This makes rooms look more inviting and spacious. Also, make sure curtains are always up. This lets as much sunlight in as possible.

Smell I recommend using a vanilla air freshener that applies directly to your air filter. This will give your home that “new model home” aroma.

Showcasing Your Home

Excess Furniture Remove as much furniture as possible. This will make your rooms look dramatically larger.

Living Room Strive for a lived-in, cozy feeling. Discard worn, chipped, frayed furniture. Add lamps to dark areas. Open curtains. Set out fresh flowers.

Kitchen Many buyers judge the house by how the oven and stove are maintained. Appliances should be spotless and everything in perfect working order. Replace or repair anything that sticks, squeaks or drips. Clear all clutter from counter tops.

Master Bedroom this is the second most appealing room to a buyer (after the kitchen). Remove excess furniture to make it appear larger. Show the true size of the closet by removing or packing items that can be store elsewhere.

Bathrooms Make sure bathrooms are always neat and clean. Remove clutter from sink counter tops. Make sure showers are free of scum and tile grout is in good shape. Most buyers pay attention to this!

When You Let Potential Buyers in the Door

Make sure that the exterior and interior are both in order. Furthermore, appeal to the potential buyer’s senses. Make sure that the lights are on, the home has a vanilla aroma and perhaps soft classical or jazz music playing on the stereo.